Power and Poison


The defining, perhaps solely redeeming quality of humanity, is adaptability. It’s how and why we made it this far on the evolutionary map. Fleshy, weak and small, we make no sense in the animal world. Yet the one thing we have, which nothing else living here has, is resilience in adaptation in extremes. We can get used to anything. We can thrive in the dust. We can even forget that the mud we’re living in is anything but home. We are so skilled at conditioning ourselves that we can make songs and bonds for generations enslaved. We’re that good.

Freedom within a framework: it’s our power and our poison.  Art is born in confinement. It’s where music reigns. It’s where the passions and the furies override. 

These days are cumbersome in their containment. For some much darker depths will be navigated in the deafening tones of solitude. But these are not days of imprisonment or inconvenience. These are the days when humanity has a voice again to gently reclaim our unusual place in the world, gracefully, artfully. These are the tiny threads we have to to take hold and exert the art of touch and sentiment and empathy – these gifts that are uniquely ours to share.

Where are your imprints. What is your touch. How will you breathe again?

We thrive in adversity. This is our skill. This is why we made it this far and also why we may fail. What are you willing to get used to and what are you brave enough to change?

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