Monthly Archives: March 2018

Quiet little hum

My house was full. Full of people; Bringing dishes, Bringing bottles, Bringing children; Bringing friends of friends of friends. My house was full of music, my house was full of laughter, my house was full of noise. Washing dishes; Picking up the detritus; Emptying the ashtrays; Finding things between the cushions; Finding people under blankets; […]


I hate that name. I’d wither were someone to categorize me as a pleaser: someone who does as they’re supposed to with no soul in their course; stays out of the way, out of trouble… Idly witnessing your fight flicker out is a bit like watching those men tugging their instruments as the Titanic sank. […]

Fit to be Boxed

Nothing will put you together again, the whole of your parts will never be located; and no one will ever know you as you truly are if you present your story with a veil protect yourself with little lies that feel safe deliver interpretations rather than the truth But you’ll get disgusted with their efforts […]