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Molting – 1st draft

The thing about molting is the process is never pretty.  There’s no way to heave and contract and wriggle and writhe to release an entire cloak of yourself and make it look good.  For us humans, the molting process is usually the center of some deep cathartic experience, also not usually pretty.  If you do […]

Went out for groceries and…

Wound up in Leo Carillo. Everyone has probably heard of or experienced marriage getting to that dreaded point. Days where you don’t even see each other. Wake up, scramble to get something that resembles breakfast into your mouth and the mouths of your young kids, throw a lunch together, brush several sets of teeth, run […]

Saying Goodbye

Why is it, as adults we stifle welling tears and try our hardest to push past them? I’m a grown woman, a mother, wife, sister, best friend.  Yet when the tears come I do my best to shove them back like a good girl ought to.  Naturally, they don’t come quite as often as they […]