Box Ticking

“It’s only a body; it will do whatever you tell it to.”

The beauty of visiting your edge is that, the more frequently you touch it, the broader it expands. And then beautifully, your edge becomes your sustenance. The discomfort experienced whilst at your edge creates space for ever-expanding freedom: mental, physical, spiritual.

It’s taken me this long, as a person, a woman, a mother, to see that the bravest choice to make is to shape life outside the boundaries drawn for us and to instead draw your own. Fear dictates nearly all our big “life” choices: university, work, marriage, house, kids. I bought into all of it and I’ve been kicking and screaming against it ever since.

Yes, you have to earn money.

Yes, you have to provide for your family.

Yes, you have to cultivate a warm and loving home.

But do you have to do it under the weight of a mortgage? A car payment? A soul-sucking job in a likewise soulless office you commute to on burning hell of a freeway? Fuck. No.

I’m convinced the greatest tool I can provide for my daughters is to question the model and above all else, value courage. People question; people judge; people talk when you move outside the lines. But they also marvel at the crazy bastards running wild and free out there. That is what I want to show my babies: that is where we all grow tall and strong and vibrant.

We’re all spoon fed our stories to the point of submission; given an alibi so we swim on autopilot. It’s not been until I started questioning all the “norms” I was supposed to adhere to that the world’s dimensions began to shift and grow. I’m not ever going back to the expectations of the Disney-fied, templated world, the boxes can tick themselves.

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