Covid Ed.

fullsizeoutput_26dFear is heavy and invisible.

Having a big heart is not akin to having a strong heart.

Breath work is vastly underrated.

Comfort is a trap and a lie.

Some friendships sit quietly in hibernation until they’re pulled softly towards each other just out of knowing.

Absence makes the heart burst in 10 different directions.

Sleeping with my children at night brings us all a little closer. 

Making your own pizza at home tastes worlds better.

My daughter knows exactly when to hug me. 

Time is a blessing and a curse – depending on what you do with it.

My dog really, really loves us.

You don’t need a gym to grow stronger.

I’m still comforted by an impending hug from my mom.

Beading necklaces with ugly old beads is still meditative.

Going back is not an option. 

Homeschool and a van are noble (and now realistic) pursuits.

The weight of the world and the freedom of flight are ruled by the same mistress. 

We have choices.

Joy Division cures all.

Opportunity often dons a disguise.

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